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The biggest in terms of size:

For most of you, the idea that medicines can also be ordered online can sound weird and too farfetched. But the reality is that today more than half the population of the world orders medicines online and that too with great confidence. We like to call ourselves as pioneers in setting up online pharmacies across the country. We were the first ones to study the implication of having an online pharmacy and also educating the people over a decade about the efficiency and the efficacy with which work in the wake of patient welfare.

We are totally dedicated to our calling:

We have the distinction of some of the best minds working with us both on our online shop floor and also behind the scenes. Our warehouse and sales windows are managed by employees who are professional pharmacists. At any given point in time, we have at least one doctor who is ready to take your questions in case there is something worrying you.

We work 24/7!

We are at your service throughout the twenty-four hours. Our people are always ready to hear what is troubling you even in the wee hours of the day and are ever so ready to help you out with a solution.

We have a network of hospitals and medical personnel on our list:

The best part about signing up with us is that in case we feel that your case deserves medical attention, we put you directly to a medical practitioner or to the state emergency department. The buttons on our website facilitate this direct connection so that not too much time is lost during an emergency.

We do not charge for the delivery:

We provide your ordered medicines at your doorstep and only to the consignee or an alternate person so notified to us by you. This is a policy we follow in order to make sure that the medicines reach the right hands and are not misused. The delivery charges are entirely on us so you rest assured!